and welcome to Vintage Alabaster.

My name is Julie Parker and I love classic homes... beautiful white beach houses, seaside cottages, country homesteads, created and nurtured with love and care.

I am a former journalist, budding photographer and life coach with a passion for renovating and styling homes.

I say homes, because that’s what they are - private sanctuaries in which to share love and our lives.

I have always been passionate about beautiful homes and architectural spaces. Along with my English Literature major at uni, I also majored in Visual Arts and was fascinated with the architectural component of my course.

Some years after graduating from university, I completed Diploma in Interior Design, not because I intended to become an interior designer, but because I wanted to create beautiful homes for my family - my husband and four gorgeous children (not so much children anymore!). I have continued doing so - in one way or another - ever since.

Over the years, I have often been asked by others for advice about styling and for support in making renovating and decorating decisions.

So, with this in mind, I decided to combine these three joys in my life - writing, photography and interior design - and create...

 Vintage Alabaster.

Through Vintage Alabaster I hope to help and inspire likeminded homelovers by providing renovating and styling tips.

I hope to give novice renovators and decorators the confidence and courage to breath life into their own designs and to create their own blissful spaces.

I hope to be able to pass on the knowledge, experience and wisdom I have acquired throughout my journey to save other novice renovators from the stress and potential financial distress they may encounter, and in doing so potentially save them thousands of dollars.

Renovating with love,

Julie x

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